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You found this website because your GPS is losing signal while you navigate, doesn't work at all or working for a short time and then disconnects leaving you to deal with the road all by yourself! While some of us will see it as a sign to actually start using our brain, others will just be lost and pray to god it will work. I, if you wondered, belong to the second group.

Don't you just hate it when it happens? Don't you want to break the freaking device and buy a new one that actually does the job? maybe your phone is brand new or a year old and it's working fine but it just can't get a GPS lock to one satellite out of the hundreds that are flying out there over the rainbow.

Anyway, here I will try to organize things and give you first aid to fix your GPS almost instantly, maybe some of the solutions won't fully work but I will try to give you the best solutions because I tried almost everything to fix my gps so I'm very experienced with that.

The problem, Waze GPS signal is lost. And i can't navigate using this annoying navigation application that i can't live a single drive without it.

My first aid solution to make it work, as a first aid to operate your GPS is downloading through Google play the free app called: "GPS Test" after you download and open it and go outdoors and wait for a minute or so and see if it gets a GPS lock. if you can. So now here's my trick to make it work, remember this is not a full fix but at least your Waze will work partly and you will be able to navigate with it to where you need to go. Turn on Waze, define your destination and hit go. Now it can't find the satellites and no GPS fix right? go out of Waze, don't shut it down, go to GPS test and leave it open wait for a minute or so and now you will hear Waze operating! Now on GPS test go to settings hit v next to "keep screen on"Screenshot_2015-02-04-23-01

Now your Waze will function properly you just can't see it while it works. As long as you keep GPS test app turned ON, Waze will navigate you by voice like a champ!

I know this is not the perfect solution but hey, when I need to go somewhere i don't know and want to avoid traffic jams I prefer it will voice guide me than not guide me at all.

You will find here more guides to fix your GPS, with more advanced methods to bring it back to its glory navigation days.




It was a screw not tighten enough issue. I tried this method in the past but it didn't work because I didn't tighten the screw that was the problem, It was covered with a warranty stick cover so I skipped that screw.

I'm attaching an image of the screw that you need to tighten, after that it should work like new! if not, please read the other sections of the site or try the method above this update.

Leave comments here, and I'll try to help you!



  • Natalia says:

    This opens up the middle place, and you should be capable of easily go on to the fencing while in the back right of the space.

  • manu says:

    hey i have problem with my gps in zenfone go can i get any possible solution

  • Maze says:

    hooooolly whack after weeks of editing gps.conf frustration kicked in and I was about to make use of my insurance. but then I this post and did half a rotation on this tiny screw – tadaa! gps fix within a seconds
    thanks a lot for this hint good sir

  • Grace says:

    Hi, I face GPS signal problem with oppo F1plus. Do you have any idea to solve it?
    Many thanks!

  • Moses says:

    Do you have any info on a iPhone 6?

  • mindi says:

    unbelievable. this problem has been killing me and it was a simple screw. thank you so much!

  • Dario Arrus says:

    It worked with mine as well ! Thanks a lot. Unfortunatelly this was a provisional one i got from te company while mine was repaired and i gave It back.
    Still Worse, i bought last week an unlocked Galaxy S5 in Chicago and it has the same GPS problem, and cant return it because i live in Peru South America. Now this model has a very little tiny screw as GPS antena that i cant reach !

  • Brian says:

    Amazing! It works!

  • Lost says:

    I can’t believe this. Tightening the screw help getting a GPS fix again! Thank you!

  • Lori says:

    Thank you so much!
    My gps is working again! i have searched solution for weeks and only here i found it.


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